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<Daedalus> is recruiting.  Casual lv 3 leveling guild, not yet staffed for end-game raiding but looking for more players for lower-level dungeon groups and questing, Cataclysm heroics, and Tol Barad brawls.  Are you looking for a guild that will not force you to work your schedule around it, or for a guild that focuses on making better players?  If so, <Daedalus> may be for you, and we encourage you to work with other guilds to meet needs that may not be met here, as well.

Note: <Daedalus> has a five-tab guild bank, but only offers bank access and financial support to rank 1 players.  All new players have a 50g per day cap for free repairs, and if you have an authenticator, you will be promoted and given a 200g per day cap for repairs.
  <Daedalus> reserves the right to remove players from the guild at any time on the grounds of poor representation of the guild, which include but is not limited to a) trolling and harassing players, b) showcasing a gross lack of intelligence and maturity, and c) not being willing to take constructive criticism on how to play their class and role better. 

If you are interested, find and pst a member of <Daedalus> today!  Please see the <Daedalus> roster on this site for an up-to-date list of who you could contact.
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Guild level three!

mixedinternal, Mar 17, 11 8:48 PM.
<Daedalus> has reached guild level 3 on 03.17.2011!  An especially grateful thanks go to Zelinar and Aureli for their relentless questing above lv 75 to grind the most guild exp for the previous level.  Now, all members of <Daedalus> receive a 10% speed increase while mounted in addition to the 5% exp boost from the previous guild level perk.

Guild level two!

mixedinternal, Feb 28, 11 4:15 PM.
<Daedalus> has reach guild level 2 on 02.27.2011!  An especially grateful thanks go to Nightshade, Prysmine, and Nalija for their relentless questing above lv 75 to grind the most guild exp for the previous level.  Now, all members of <Daedalus> receive a 5% boost to exp from kills and questing.

Current Guild Needs, January 2011.

mixedinternal, Jan 26, 11 6:09 PM.
Primarily, <Daedalus> is looking for characters BELOW level 80 to encourage lower-level group questing and dungeons, and is open to all Alliance races, classes, and roles from level 1 to 84.  A commitment from a lower level guarantees a less-strict grading rubric at level 85, too, although the guild's goal is always to help players perform their best in the end.

Since <Daedalus> is not staffed for end-game raiding just yet, we are specifically looking for tanks and healers who would like to do heroics to start.  <Daedalus> is also looking for players interested in fighting the good fight in Tol Barad, as well.  Please see the previous post (below) for lv 85 player restrictions regarding joining <Daedalus>.

Added recruitment restrictions.

mixedinternal, Jan 24, 11 4:39 PM.
If you are looking to join <Daedalus> at lv 85, three restrictions are in place before entrance is permitted:
-All PvE DPS are required to pull at least 8k DPS in heroics.  If you cannot do 8k DPS in heroics, please learn to play your class more effectively as the changes in game mechanics for Cataclysm allow skilled players to do that much damage by level 82 in an average of ilvl 300 gear.
-All PvE tanks and healers will be taken through three heroics to test their roles' abilities.  If you cannot tank or heal adequately in a heroic, please learn to play your spec more effectively or choose a different role.
-Gear-checking will be done, but only to ensure that you know your class' stats and, more importantly, which stats to not wear for your class.  Gear ilvl is irrelevant in this regard, as an understanding of fundamentals is more important than the quality of gear to join <Daedalus>.

To those players who have applied and were denied by Nightshade due to performance in heroics, we thank you for your interest, but also urge you to seek a guild more fitting for your abilities if improvement seems too lofty of a goal.

mixedinternal, Jan 22, 11 3:20 PM.
<Daedalus> was formed when Nightshade, formerly the Orc Death Knight Deloktharza on Wyrmrest Accord (US), realm transferred and faction changed in December 2010.

In January 2011, noticing the difficulty in raising guild experience as just one player with several alts, <Daedalus> began recruiting, and will continue to recruit.

<Daedalus> is now accepting applications from Alliance players on Azuremyst (US) who are level 85, and accepting all lower-level characters.  Please read the recruiting statement (left bar) for more information.
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